Infantry Regiment Marching c.1678

Late 17th Century Infantry Regiment on the march showing the 3 divisions, with the pike in the centre and musketeers on the wings. The posts of each officer with letters and the divisions:
A. the Colonel is at the head of his Regiment, five or six paces ahead of the captains.
B. the Lieutenant-Colonel is to the left of the Colonel, three or four steps from the captains.
C. one half of the captains are at the head, and the other half are at the tail of the regiment
D. the lieutenants at the head of each division of Musketeers.
E. the divisions of the Musketeers of the first division
F. the Drums are at the head, the centre and the tail of the regiment
G. the Sub-Lieutenants at the head of the Pike Divisions
H. the pike divisions
I. the Ensign’s with their Flags
K. the Musketeers of the second division
L. sergeants on division flanks to observe the ranks.
M. the Major mounted
N. the Aide-Major