Of Life & Times

This the story of the the now forgotten events of the 17th Century (1644 to 1699) through the eye’s of William Savage. This is an age of intrigue so you can trust no one, for no one trusts you and that is the Savage Truth

Sometimes, the only way to tell the truth, is to turn it into a good story. This one could begin with an innocent beauty who falls in love with a handsome, yet poor and homeless prince. A prince who is losing his kingdom because his foolish father is losing a war against his own people. This young downhearted prince now falls in love with a childhood friend, who has been transformed into the most gorgeous, ripe maiden in the whole kingdom. Unfortunately, just as the passion takes hold, the prince and his love are separated by the bloodshed sweeping across the kingdom.  So, before the lovers are split apart, they make a secret pledge of marriage, a promise that no man can break.

Once the prince finds safely within his cousin’s lands, the lovers keep the flames of their hidden passion and desire alight by sharing secret letters and suggestive correspondence. As the princes’ prospects of ever regaining his crown fade, he calls for his one true desire to be united with him. So, with some difficultly and intrigue, the beautiful girl escapes the war-torn country, to finally reach the warm embrace of her prince. Now the flames burn bright, so bright that no one can stand in their way. To seal their love, they marry but without the normal pomp or circumstance of a royal wedding. Then the marriage is blessed by god, for soon after the fruits of their passion is born and named Prince James.

If life was kind and true that would be the end of the story, a happy and comfortable ending. However, that is where the story really starts not ends. For the princes’ father lost the war and was murdered by his own people. The young prince becomes a King in exile and a beacon of freedom. His thought turn from pleasure, focus on twisting and turning, plotting and scheming to regain what his father lost. Now he understands that his seed could be used to buy an Army to reclaim has kingdom. The new Kings eye now wonders across the new temptations that are on offer to him. His exiled court is full of new possibilities and new beauties offering sexual pleasures for favours. The young wife is in the way, she is still a beauty but offers no political benefits and no easy route to regaining the lost Kingdom. Indeed, within the Kings new circle she is portrayed as an inconvenience to be removed, to be whitewashed from history or to be made a low whore. But what of the young prince James. He can’t be hidden from history or made into a martyr like his grandfather. Luckily for the baby prince James, it is now that the Kings only virtue comes to the fore. For is he loves and protects of his own blood more than anything in the world. Even if this is not in his own interests.

With Prince James alive, what follows, is a tale full of scandal, power, love, sex, war, rebellion and above all else intrigue. It is a tale that has been hidden under so many layers of lies that the truth is now so far from the common knowledge that history replays and embellish the lies. Today, it is in no-ones’ interest to tell the truth or to break apart the lies. For those most likely to suffer from its outing are in power because of those very lies. This is where my story starts, for the maiden is my half-sister, Lucy Walters, the boy my nephew and the King, King Charles II, of the three Kingdoms. My name is William Savage and it was in 1656 that I pledged to protect the lives my sister and young nephew. This the true story of the royal blood.

It is now safe to publish my memoirs, as time has overtaken everyone of consequence and they can no longer reach me or my family. It’s now time to tell the truth of the royal blood, the Black Box, of bloody murders, secret marriages, blackmail, war and rebellion.

My long and colourful life, has not been without adventure. I have lost many friends and had the pleasure of many more. My travels have taken me across Europe and into the exotic Orient, I’ve seen the wild woods of the Americas and damp bogs of Ireland. Now, its time to share my Memoirs before they return with me back into the dust.

This site tells my story and details the events that are now long forgotten. In this age of intrigue, trust no one for no one trusts you. That is the Savage Truth.

William Savage