Sherborne, September 15. 1685

Who were the men Martyred at Sherborne?

At Sherborne were 12 men were martyred, all of whom died with courage and dignity. Especially, one Mr Glisson of Yeovil. This gentleman demonstrated great deportment and standing at the place of his execution. In so doing, he gave considerable satisfaction to his friends and amazement to our enemies. On the scaffold, he declared to be a true Protestant but for although he had not joined the late Duke of Monmouth army, he now judged it high time for everyone to stand up for the defence of the true religion against the reign of tyrants.


Michael Abbot, cordwainer of Honiton, in Monmouth’s Army

William Alston, in Monmouth’s Army

Samuel Glisson, of Yeovil, a baptist, absent but not with Monmouth

Richard Hall, cordwainer of Colyton, in Monmouth’s Army

William Hart, in Monmouth’s Army

John Lawrence, in Monmouth’s Army

John Leggatt, in Monmouth’s Army

George Puckeridge, of North Petherton, in Monmouth’s Army

Henry Rowe, of Chardstock, in Monmouth’s Army

John Savage, tailor of Colyton, in Monmouth’s Army

Frances Skinner, of Chard,  in Monmouth’s Army

Robert Whorwood, cordwainer of Honiton, in Monmouth’s Army


May their souls rest in peace.

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