Exchange. Winter 1685

Who was transported on the Exchange?

It is not clear when these 44 men are transported but it is possible they all went on the Exchange from Bridgwater to Virginia in late 1685

The following 5 men are transported by Booth on the Exchange

John Avoake, John Edwards, George Gray, Richard Kerle & Edward Lloyd

The following 39 men where Transported on Unknown Ships

For Booth: John Barges, John Budee, Thomas Gulhampton, Robert Lease, Charles Lucas* & Nicholas Warren

For Howard & Stapleton: James Bullman, John Browne & Nehemi Gosse

For Musgrave: James Gallop, Robert Hocsmith, John Kinimore, John Lloyd & Henry Wentmore

For Nipho: Thomas Body, Samuel Davison, William Deane, William Gappy, John Heyne, William Heynes, Edward Merrick & James Price

The Queen: Charles Bennett, John Bennett, Samuel Collins, Nathaniel Cooke, John England, Walter Hacker, John Harley, John Harvey, Stephen Jefferyes, Christopher Knight, John Knight, John Marwood, William Merchant, Thomas Moore, John Needs, John Parsons & James Patten

*Died at Sea

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