Battle of Sedgemoor July 5, 1685 at 23:00

The Night March

The Battle of Sedgemoor, the March to the Battlefield, after Monmouth leaves Bridgwater in the evening to arrive at Peasey Farm at 23:00 on 5 July 1685. Monmouth’s Army contains six infantry battalions, four squadrons of cavalry and three light guns.

Army disposition before the Battle of Sedgemoor

Just after 11 o’clock on the 5 July 1685, Major Oglethorpe moves from his view point on Pendon Hill to Chedzoy. The Government patrol reaches Chedzoy where it stays until midnight, from Chedzoy the Major sends a messenger to Feversham, that there is no sign of Monmouth’s Army.

Army dispositions at 23:50 on 5 July 1685

Meanwhile, after leaving the Whig baggage heading north to Bristol, Monmouth’s Army makes its way down the trackway toward the Great Sedgemoor.

The Sedgemoor Battlefield at midnight 6 July 1685

At midnight on 6 July 1685 the Government Army had deployed a Great Guard half a mile from the infantry camp along the edge of the Bussex Rhyne. That night the Government commander, General Feversham inspects the great guard before returning to his headquarters in the village.

This account is based on a more detail description of the Earl of Argyll’s & the Duke of Monmouth’s campaign of 1685 available from Helion & Company in my Book Fighting For Liberty.