Battle of Sedgemoor July 6, 1685 at 02:00

Race across the Moor

Monmouth takes the foot forwards across the moor while behind him Hucker’s broken squadron causes chaos in the Whig cavalry trying to cross the Longmoor Rhyne. However, the warning has been raised in the Government camp, and the drummers start beating out the fricassee.

Monmouth advances on the enemy camp

With the drums beating across the moor, Monmouth urges his men forward and fast as they can. However, in the dark the going is slower than any of them would like. Behind Hucker’s broken men brake the next squadron. In the camp the companies are being formed, the Government cavalry is mustering in the Village.

The Whig’s race to the camp

Monmouth orders his infantry to deploy into Battalia, while in the camp the Government regiment are performing the same exercise. Lord Grey takes his cavalry across the moor, but misses the upper Plungeon and turn right when he reaches the Bussex Rhyne.

Forming line of Battle

As Monmouth’s men form into line, they can see the glow of the enemy match off to their left, these are the Scots of Lord Douglas regiment. To the experienced military eye it is clear that it’s too late, the Government Army is ready to receive the Whigs. Back in the track from Bridgwater, the rest of Monmouth’s foot are disordered by the fleeing horse. However, Captain Jones has rallied his squadron and reforms ready to advance.


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This account is based on a more detail description of the Earl of Argyll’s & the Duke of Monmouth’s campaign of 1685 available from Helion & Company in my Book Fighting For Liberty.