Keynsham Army Council, June 25 1685

What happened after the Battle of Keynsham?


Map of South England showing the options open to Monmouth
Monmouth’s Options June 25, 1685

After the attack by the Government horse, the intelligence gathered created three options for Monmouth’s Council of War.

The first is to risk being attacked by Churchill, while attempting to assault Bristol manned by 4,000 militia and Feversham’s Army of 2,000 foot guards.

The second is to break-out across the Avon and march to Gloucester, cross the Severn and head to Worcester, like his father did in 1651. However, with no news from Chester, and the news that Argyll’s failed, the result could be the same!

The third is to draw the enemy into Bath and north of the Avon, and march to Frome, join with the 2,000 Whigs that have mustered, and pick up the London Road.