London Gazette #2036 : 25 May 1685

The Militia March to Suppress Argyll

London Gazette #2036, May 21 to May 25, 1685

Edinburgh, May 18.

The late Earl of Argile, and with him some other Rebels having in Holland made provision of Arms and Ammunition, set sail from the Vlie on Saturday the 2nd instant, in three small ships. On the 5th he appeared before Orkney, where having sent his secretary and Chirurgeon on shore, they were immediately seized by the inhabitants of that Island, and are sending hither with all diligence to the Privy Council. From thence he sailed for the west coast of Scotland, and arrived the 13th instant at Dunstaffnage in Lorne (a ruinous Castle which formerly did belong to himself) and put a garrison therein. The Highlanders, and all His Majesties Forces on the confines of that country, are marching with all possible diligence for suppressing these Rebels; Who have emitted two Traitorous Declarations, whereof the first (a very long one) is entitled thus:

The Declaration and Apology of the Protestant People, that is, of the Noblemen, Barons, Gentlemen, Burgesses and Commons of all sorts now in Arms within the Kingdom of Scotland, with the concurrence of the True and Faithful Pastures, and of several Gentlemen of the English Nation joined with them in the same cause, &c.