London Gazette #2037 : 30 May 1685

Argyll burns Ila, and raises the Fire Cross

London Gazette #2037, May 25 to May 30 1685

Dunluce in the North of Ireland, May 18.

This day about Eleven of the Clock in the forenoon arrived a small Boats at Ballenroy which came from Ila in the Kingdom of Scotland, having 8 men on Board, the Waiter according to his Orders in the presence of several Gentlemen disarmed them, and enquired whence they came, they answered they came to this Kingdom for safety, Argile, and Sir John Cockram having Landed in the said Ila, having five Ships laden with men and ammunition, the men as they heard being about five hundred; one of the passengers named Frizal, saw Argile and Cockram with another old Gentleman whose name was not known to him, and says that he knew Argyle very well, and saw him Dine at a place called Killer in Ila, and that the said Argyle enquired what news, and if the Army was still there, the said Frizal answered, that the Army (meaning the Kings Army) were gone to Kintire, a little while before he landed, and that they consisted of about 500 men under the command of one Ballyachyan; And farther says that the said Argyle sent for the Bayliff of Ila and ad him if he would rise with him ; the Bayliff answered he was sworn to be true to the King; Argyle replied that he might rise with him and keep his Oath too; for it was not yet well known who is King; but the Bayliff denying to comply with Argyle, withdrew himself and fled the Country and several other Gentlemen, the said Frizal and the Waiter of Ila, heard Argyle Swear that he would Burn the Bayliffs House that night, and everyone in the Country, that would not rise with him he would Hang at their own doors; So says all the rest of the men that fled for their Lives, and that Argyle commanded a Crostary to be dispatched through the whole Country, which is a sign in a fiery stick, commanding and warning every man to rise in Arms with him. The said men told that several other small Boats were making ready to make their escape, and before the writing hereof one Boat was seen coming to Bellentoy; the waiter that came from Ila is a discreet person; Ila is within 4 hour Sailing to Dunluce.