London Gazette #2042 : 15 June 1685

Monmouth lands at Lyme

London Gazette #2042, June 11 to June 15, 1685

Whitehall, June 13. 1685

This morning his majesty received an account by an express from the mayor of Lyme, that on Thursday last there appeared three Ships off that place, and that about seven in the evening the Duke of Monmouth landed with about 150 men and entered the said town, professed himself of the same. Then sending some of his traitorous accomplices into the neighbouring counties to incite the people to open rebellion against his majesty. Whereupon His Majesty caused his privy council to assemble and ordered the following proclamation to be published.

James R.

Whereas we have received certain information, that James Duke of Monmouth, Ford late Lord Grey outlawed for high treason, with other traitors and outlaws, are lately landed in a hostile manner at Lyme, in our county of Dorset. And that they have sent and dispersed some of their traitorous accomplices into the neighbouring counties to incite them to join in open rebellion against us.

We do hereby, with the advice of our privy council, declare and publish the said James Duke of Monmouth and all his accomplices, adherents, abettors, and advisors; Traitors and Rebels. We do command and require all our Lieutenants, deputy-lieutenants, sheriffs, justices of the peace, mayors, bailiffs, and all other officers, civil or military, to use their utmost endeavours to seize and apprehend the said James Duke of Monmouth, Ford late Lord Grey, and all their said confederates and adherents; and all and every other person and persons that shall be aiding or abetting the aforesaid traitors and rebels; and that the said persons, to be secured until our further pleasure be known, as they will answer the contrary at their utmost peril.

Given at our court at Whitehall this thirteenth day of June 1685. And in the first year of our reign.


Edinburgh, June 9

Since our last we have received Intelligence that the Earl of Argyll, upon the arrival of his majesties Ships, has quitted the Isle of Bute and is gone over to Argyllshire. Having first destroyed the sheriff of Butes estate, burnt his house and taken away his furniture. He has brought his ships and boats into Loch Fyne towards Inveraray, where the Marquis of Athol is lying with a considerable body of men. We are daily expecting to hear of action between them and the rebels, unless these shall avoid fighting by waiting on the other side of the Loch Fyne to the other, where nevertheless they are now blocked up by his majesties ships lying in the mouth of the loch. The three Scotch regiments that were in the service of the states general of the United Provinces are daily expected here from Holland.

Hague, June 19. 1685 (ns)

The three Scotch Regiments embarked last Saturday, at Rotterdam for Scotland, the Prince of Orange having the day before taken a review of them near the city.