Battle of Sedgemoor July 6, 1685 at 03:30

Feversham’s Counter-Attack

On Feversham’s right Oglethorpe supported by Orby charge Jones’ squadron, while Kirke’s combined Foot battalion is ordered to the right wing.

Building the Government counter-attack

Under overwhelming pressure and outnumbered Jones’ squadron breaks. Oglethorpe wheels his victorious troopers across the Bussex Rhyne while Orby ensures Jones’ men flee the field. Meanwhile Lord Grey has rallied a troop of horse and returns to the Battlefield.

Breaking Jones’ Squadron

Oglethorpe charges the Whig infantry, while Orby deploy to the right. On the left Villiers presses Monmouth’s right wing.

The Government cavalry strike

Although Grey has returned Monmouth sees that he is pressed on both wings and orders his infantry to withdraw.


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This account is based on a more detail description of the Earl of Argyll’s & the Duke of Monmouth’s campaign of 1685 available from Helion & Company in my Book Fighting For Liberty.